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Ratapalooza 2024 and beyond!

First we want to say that we totally enjoyed our day with everyone - old friends and new. It had been so long since we were able to speak Rat. So many people were involved in putting on the show to help educate and celebrate such beautiful creatures. I would love to thank them all and hope they helped you learn new things about your own rats.

We want to thank everyone who made purchases from all the vendors at the show and at our own booth, Rattie World O' Comfort. We do appreciate your business. We use most our earnings from the shows to help support rescues, local and across the country, who really need the funds to keep going.

Now for the beyond part - We are having an after the show sale which is stated on the main page - Percentage and dates. We hope you can take advantage of the sale.

Thank you all again,

Mary and her rattie gang

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