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Comfy Cozy Rattie TubeThis is a tube that is 12" long and about 7 inches wide.It has for loops and comes with 4 hooks.There are two layers of polar fleece with one interior layer of cotton batting for extra support.The interior color may be different than what is pictured, but it will be a complimentary color.

The externalfabric pattern may be a bit different as the design is a bit larger than normal.

C200PF4006 - Comfy Cozy Rattie Tube

SKU: C200PF4006
    • This can be washed normally but you may wish to remove the hooks first to prevent the clanging in the dryer.
    • Please use unscented natural soap in the washer.
    • Do not use fabric softeners.
    • You can add a cup of either Vinegar or 20 Mule Team Borax in with the load in the washing machine to help eliminate odors.
    • As with all material items please trim off any loose threads or holes a little one could get caught in at any time you see them.


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