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This is an actual impression of a Fancy Rat's paw. If you love rats this little charm is for you.


If you already have a clay/sculpy/fimo print of your pet we can make a mold of it to make your charm from. You will receive your original print back along with your charm. We will hold onto the mold we took and if you ever need a replacement or additional charm we will be able to do it from our mold.

It is made of .999% Sterling Silver and one of a kind. It measures about 1" tall and 3/4" wide. It weighs a little over 5gms.

NOTE: If you would like one made of your own rat's paw but have no sculpy available for when their passing time comes, then please see another listing that includes a kit. That kit would be purchased before your little one passes. Sculpy and Fimo needs a somewhat firm pressing of the paw for a clear print and we wouldn't want you to hurt your little one. Please bake it before returning to us so it will not get ruined. Also package it really well and we suggest you do at least two prints. There should be enough clay included in the kit to do this. Only mail one to us just in case the post office loses one you will still have one.


Once the charm is made there are no returns. 2 week turn around time once the mold has been received.

Sterling Silver Charm of Your Pocket Pet's Rear Paw Print (no Kit)

SKU: RearPawPrintCharmNoKit
  • We will send a polishing pad to help you keep your charm looking polished.

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