Critter Type of Hammock for smaller cages.

Great for Travel Cages too.

Two layers of fleece.
Attach to the cage with shower curtain hooks.
They measure 13" x 11"

They can also be used as a top hammock with a Large HCN Hammock to make a bunk bed. Just attach this hammock to the cage and then attach the large hammock to the straps of this smaller hammock.

HCNTravelPF1608 - Hammock Critter Nation Style Travel Size

SKU: HCNTravelPF1608
  • Remove the Shower Curtain Hooks and wash/dry normally.

    Tip - Add either 1c Vinegar OR 1c 20 Mule Team Borax (not Both) to the wash cycle to help reduce the odor.

Located  and Made in

Washington State in the USA

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