This is a kit for a Front Paw consisting of Sculpy clay (enough for two paw prints) and instructions to get a cast of your heart rat’s foot print so it can be made into a .999% Sterling Silver (not silver plated) charm you can wear close to your heart or on your wrist. We have a few styles to choose from which take different weights of silver so look at all the choices and pick the one that’s right for you.

A New design is one that can be made into a bracelet. If you are good at knotting/macrame or even just braiding you could make a band for this one. or even just a ribbon would do as well.

Sculpey/Fimo clays work best after your little one has made his/her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. You will have to press their feet into the clay a bit hard to get the best impression so we recommend not doing it while they are still with you.

Complete Instructions will be included as well as a Return envelope (for everything you received) and metal tin to mail us the print/s you have done. The Sculpey/Fimo clays do not harden until they are baked by you which means you have plenty of time to get a good print where all parts of the foot are seen well. If we cannot get a good impression from your casting, we will let you know and refund your order minus the cost of returning your original casting.

Once we have made the paw print charm, we will safely return the original casting and your new charm to you. We will keep the mold we made so if you ever need to replace one that has been lost we can do it from our mold.

In testing of this kit, we have found that we need to include enough Sculpey/Fimo for a few impressions to make sure one comes out good enough for us to work with. Please send us the best one and make sure it will fit in the tin we send you.

Please look around our site to make sure you choose the pattern of charm you wish to have. Some patterns may cost a bit more as more silver is needed to make them. Also keep in mind that some of these charms are for a front paw or back paw. Back paws are naturally bigger and will take more silver as well.

Understand too that the silver does shrink a bit in the firing but the print is still of your heart pet's paw.

Your pet’s name will be etched on the back if it fits. If you know it is a long name maybe you could offer a nickname that could fit?

There are also paw prints offered here which do not include a kit if you already have a paw print impression for us to work from. Sometimes Vet offices do that for their clients or if you are like us, you already make feet impressions of your own babies. If you do your own, then it might be a great idea to do a few if you would like a charm so you are not mailing us your only paw print. Please make sure the print is clear and deep enough to get a good impression from. Make sure to protect it well inside a box when mailing the original to us.

Other pets that this may work for in order for this charm  –
    Hamsters, Mice, Gerbil, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, and other small pocket pets. Please Note that the Squirrel, Rabbit, Ferret and Guinea Pig’s front paw will require the back foot sized charm as their little feet are not so little.  We have not tried a bird but are willing. In each listing of charms we will list the pet that is appropriate for it.

Another thought for the back foot charm is to attach it to your key ring. If that is what you would like we could use a sturdier ring for you. Just let us know when you order.

No refunds after the charm can be made.

Memory Charm Kit for Your Pocket Pet's Front Paw Print

SKU: CharmKitFrontPaw
  • A polishing pad will be included to help keep your Sterling Silver charm polished.

Located  and Made in

Washington State in the USA

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