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Red Panda eating bamboo leaves. You can see his little paw holding the leaves while he eats.

This is a black wood frame with a white 2-ply mat, archival quality.

The frame size is 16"w x 13"h
The mat is 14"w x 11"h
The photo is 10"w x 8"h

It is enclosed with a dust-proof backing and a toothed hanger.

©Jarman Photography 2009

Or you can head on over to my Zenfolio site at and pick a picture there which you would like instead of the Space Needle here. Just tell me which one you would like when paying for here and it will be substituted. I will email you with that image just to make sure that is the one you want before I print and mail it.

Red Panda Framed Photo

SKU: RedPandaWmatFramed
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