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Hammocks, Tubes, Jewelry Memory Charms,

Bonding Bags, and much more....

We Are Back!

We are slowly adding inventory before the holidays.
Please check back often to look and see if we have added what you need.

Check out our Memory Charms!

They are charms of your pocket pets' actual paw print taken from the clay mold taken of your own pet's feet. It can be made as a charm for a necklace or a bracelet. They are 99% Sterling Silver.

If you weren't able to get a paw print of your loved one there are pre-made charms you could have represent your beloved Rat or Hamster.

You may see us use stuffed ratties in our product images. They are so realistic, aren't they? We do not make them but a great small business does -
Citrine Mouse.
You can find them at

Our Pocket Pets' Choice 

CitrineMouse 2021-01-23 123548.jpg
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